Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ten Writerly Things Meme

Susan at The Writer's Tale tagged her readers with the following meme: 10 Writerly Things about You. Here goes!

1. Your genre(s)?

Historical fiction.

2. How many books have you completed?

One (Two, if you count a 400 page dissertation on Clement Marot!).

3. How many books are you working on now?

One. I'm a one-book-at-a-time-kinda gal.

4. Are you a linear or chunk writer?

Definitely linear! I only wrote one chapter out of sequence for the first book and found it very hard to work in later. I outline the main events of each chapter before I begin writing; I have to know the end of the story, at least in general terms, before I begin. Just like I never leave the house without a map, I'd never start a book without an outline! It's fluid and subject to revision, but completely necessary for me.

5. The POV you're most partial to?

Limited (or close) third person. I think creating an authentic sixteenth-century first person would be quite challenging.

6. The theme that keeps cropping up in your books?

Surprisingly (or not? {g}), motherhood and sacrifice. I never set out to write about mothers, but found that I explore the bond between mothers and children in several different ways in my completed novel.

7. How many days a week do you write?

I try to write or at least research every day, although my success depends on what life has in store for any given week!

8. What time of day do you get your best writing done?

By necessity, I write at night after the baby is in bed. I do often manage to squeeze in some daytime writing during his nap, but fear I won't have that luxury much longer. But then again, preschool is right around the corner...

9. Who are your mentors?

I don't have any mentors, although I do have an inspirational coach in my husband, who has always supported my writing and reminded me that anything worth doing is never easy.

10. Who are your favorite authors to read? (different from mentors)

Dorothy Dunnett, Sigrid Undset, George Eliot.

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