Saturday, March 15, 2008

What Do You See?

Sorry, I need your help again.

Can someone tell me what you see when you look at the past two or three entries?

Yesterday, I tried to figure out how to post a photo. There was an entry called "Photo test" that had some html code and a single sentence--the photo didn't post. So erased the content and the title and wrote an entry called "Writing a New Book" instead, but using the same editing window. When I view my blog now, I see that entry, followed by the "MOR pubs today," followed by the quiz answers. Do you still see the "Photo Test" entry? The reason I ask is because one of my viewer's entry and exit pages says "Photo Test."

If you still see it, maybe someone could tell me how to get rid of it, since I don't see it myself!

Thanks, and sorry for all the technical flubs. I'll get a hang of this eventually!


Jennifer Hendren said...

I don't see the photo test post. I'm wondering if maybe it takes a while for google reader to update the change you made, and that's how they got in? one to me. (g)


Julianne Douglas said...

Thanks, Jen. I'm glad it looks okay.

I'm hoping my teenaged daughter can show me how to do the photos sometime when she has a free minute (ha!)

Susan Adrian said...

Hi Julianne!

That was probably me who clicked on "Photo Test", because it showed up in my reader feed. It's gone now, though. Like Jen said, it just takes a while to update!

Julianne Douglas said...

Good, I'm glad it didn't stay up. Posting a picture was pretty easy, though I had the printing press one on my computer. I'll have to try one from the web next time.

Susan Adrian said...


Actually, it's much better to pull a photo OFF the web onto your computer and then post it. Otherwise, (1) if the other source deletes it or changes the link, you're out of luck and (2) by posting it, you create a drain on their server by accessing through them.

Though it might be different if you're posting through Blogger--I'm not sure if they create a local copy!