Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Celebrating with Cindy!

I would like to join Cindy Pon, a fellow writer from the Absolute Write forum and a commenter on this blog, in celebrating the news of her THREE-BOOK SALE!!! 

From Publisher's Weekly, 27 May 2008:

Young Adult:  Cindy Pon's SPIRIT BOUND, set in an ancient kingdom based on Chinese folklore, myth and magic, to Virginia Duncan at Green Willow Books, in a three-book deal, for publication in April 2009, by Bill Contardi at Brandt & Hochman (NA).

Cindy has been a wonderful inspiration to and cheerleader for the members of Absolute Write community. I know I am not alone in wishing her much happiness and many sales. 

You can check out an excerpt from Cindy's book and her beautiful Chinese brushwork at paint&prose.

Way to go, Cindy!


cindy said...

thank you so much, julianne. i've really enjoyed reading your discussions and posts here. they are both intriquing and informative! i'd love to write a true historical some day...

Marg said...

This sounds interesting! Congrats Cindy!

Julianne Douglas said...

You're welcome, Cindy! I'm glad you've found some interesting things here. Maybe once you're in the throes of production, you'll come back and do a guest blog about publishing for us....We wish you all the best!

Catherine Delors said...

Congratulations to Cindy! And her site is indeed a delight.

cindy said...

julianne, i would love to guest blog about it in the future. as it is all new to me and i'm learning like a wide-eyed baby as i go!

thanks for visiting my site, catherine!