Monday, December 29, 2008

Art and Love in Renaissance Italy

I just discovered this exhibition running at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art through February 16: "Art and Love in Renaissance Italy." Here is the description of the exhibit, taken from the Met website:

This exhibition explores the various exceptional objects created to celebrate love and marriage in the Italian Renaissance. The approximately 150 objects, which date from about 1400 to the mid-16th century, range from exquisite examples of maiolica and jewelry given as gifts to the couple, to marriage portraits and paintings that extol sensual love and fecundity, such as the Metropolitan’s Venus and Cupid by the great Venetian artist Lorenzo Lotto. The exhibition also includes some of the rarest and most significant pieces of Renaissance glassware, cassone panels, birth trays, and drawings and prints of amorous subjects.

There is a link to view photographs of various objects displayed, as well as links to the Met's excellent essays on Renaissance art topics. What a wonderful exhibit! Anyone had the good fortune to attend?


Amanda said...

Oh thank you for posting this! I am definitely going to have to go. Thanks!

Julianne Douglas said...

Please come back here after you go and let us know how it was! I'd love to see it myself, but won't be travelling to NYC before February.

Angela K. Nickerson said...

I'm actually planning to go to the exhibit this week. I will blog about it, I am sure! And I will let you know. I just read, too, that it is headed to the Kimbell in Ft. Worth, Texas next. :)

Julianne Douglas said...

Texas is still too far for me, so you'll have to be sure to post about the exhibit! Be sure to let us know when you do.