Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Book Giveaway: THE WHITE QUEEN by Philippa Gregory

I am pleased to announce that I will be giving away two copies of Philippa Gregory's new novel, THE WHITE QUEEN. The novel, the first in a series set in fifteenth-century England during the Wars of the Roses, focuses on Edward Elizabeth Woodville, Queen Consort of King Edward IV.

Amazon describes the book: "THE WHITE QUEEN tells the story of a woman of extraordinary beauty and ambition who, catching the eye of the newly crowned boy king, marries him in secret and ascends to royalty. While Elizabeth rises to the demands of her exalted position and fights for the success of her family, her two sons become central figures in a mystery that has confounded historians for centuries: the missing princes in the Tower of London whose fate is still unknown. From her uniquely qualified perspective, Philippa Gregory explores this most famous unsolved mystery of English history, informed by impeccable research and framed by her inimitable storytelling skills." The website includes a Conversation with Philippa Gregory which explores, among other things, Ms. Gregory's switch to this new period in British history and the appeal of Elizabeth Woodville.

To enter the contest to win one of the books, please leave a comment telling me how many of Philippa Gregory's novels you have read. Become a follower of this blog and receive an additional entry! Contest closes at 11 pm PST on Monday, August 17; winners names will be posted on the novel's official release date, August 18. Check back to see if your name was drawn and if so, to provide me your mailing address. Copies will be sent directly from Touchstone, which graciously offered the books for giveaway. Good luck!

I hope to post a review of the book some time in September.


Susan said...

Hi Julianne! I've read seven Philippa Gregory books.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read her YET, but, all the more reason & a great time period that i have read before!
Renee Bautista

Jessica said...

Seven. I had the chance to see her speak at the Edinburgh Book Festival last year, promoting The Other Queen. She was a fantastic speaker and was wearing fantastic shoes! :)

cindy said...

oh gosh. i think i've read at least four of her novels--all mainly to do with the tudors!!! and i'll try and follow your blog if i can figure it out! =D

thanks for the contest, julianne!!

blacklin said...

I have read 2 of her books and I have one on my TBR pile. I would love to read this new one.

Vanessa said...

I've read five of Philippa's books. I've enjoyed them all.

Amanda said...

I've read 5 PG books. The War of the Roses is a facinating period, with complicated family connections, divided loyalties, and switching of sides. I look forward to read PGs series.

Lisette said...

I've only read one :( I haven't had time to read more, but I really want to! I loved her writing!


Anne Whitfield - author said...

I've read three of her books. An early many years ago and then two in recent years.
I love the War of the Roses period, so this book has my interest. LOL

Lynn Irwin Stewart said...

I have a lot of her books on my TBR pile but haven't read any of them yet, I'm ashamed to say -- but I'd still love to win the new one! I'm a follower!

Suzanne said...

I'm up to eight of her books now -- the historical ones following TOBG, plus the two novels about the Tradescant gardening family (loved those) and Fallen Skies.

Robinbird said...

Oh I'd love to enter! I'm a follower!

Let me see...I've read..I think 7 of Gregory's books: Constant Princess, TOBG, Boleyn Inheritance, Queen's Fool, Virgin's Lover, TOQ, and Earthly Joys. :)

Linda said...

I've read 8 Gregory novels, and altho you didn't ask, probably my favorite was the Boleyn Inheritance. I follow your blog through Google Reader. Thanks for the giveaway.

Beth said...

I have read 2 of Gregory's novels and have 2 more in my TBR pile. I am a new follower too.


Stuart MacAllister said...

Hi Julianne, thanks for the contest - I haven't read any of Phillipa's books but would like to!

Allie ~ Hist-Fic Chick said...

Hi Julianne. I've read The Other Boleyn Girl, The Boleyn Inheritance, The Virgin's Lover, The Constant Princess, and The Other Queen.

I'd never seen your site before, but I found you on Historical Fiction Online. Very good stuff! I've become a follower.

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!

Gwendolyn B. said...

This will be the first Philippa Gregory book I'll have read. I have read a lot of historical fiction, and I think it's time I became familiar with Ms. Gregory. This seems like a perfect book to start with. I'm trying very hard to win a copy - I've Googled the giveaway, and that's how I found you! This is a great blog - glad I found you. And thank you for the chance to win this book!

geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com

Gwendolyn B. said...

I'm a Follower now!

geebee.reads AT gmail DOT comr

AndreaZ said...

Hi Julianne,

I am a follower of your blog and would be interested in being entered into the draw.

PG was the writer who introduced me to the HF Genre. I have read 8 of her novels to date.

Thanks for the opportunity!
AndreaZ (zsigandr@yahoo.com)

marleenandlouie said...

I have read none of her works but I would like to. Thanks for the chance to win.

mannequin said...

Gotta run to my bookshelf, the past year I've read....Five. Five and counting. I just cannot get enough of Phillipa. Is this like some addiction her followers fall into or something??

mannequin said...

I'm a follower!
And with good reason it seems. So happy to have found your blog!

Anne said...

I've read the Tudor books: The Constant Princess, The Other Boleyn Girl (twice), The Boleyn Inheritance, The Queen's Fool, and The Virgin's Lover. Loved them all.

Thanks for doing this!

Terry said...

I have read eleven of her books so far. I have become a follower of your blog. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

tmrtini at gmail dot com

Shauna Roberts said...

I hope I can enter the contest without remembering exactly how many I've read. I also don't know how many are in my gignormous TBR pile, but I think there's one or two.

Lynne said...

I've read 3 of her books, and I'd love to win this one. I'm a follower.


Mary K. from L.A. said...

Hi! I'm interested in reading The White Queen. This period is one of great interest to me and has been ever since I read Tey's "The Daughter of Time" many years ago, and "The Sunne in Splendour" about 6 years ago.

As far as Philippa Gregory's historicals go, I've only read "The Other Boleyn Girl."

I like your blog, esp. the lovely image at the top (I haven't had time to read much of it yet though I will in future because I just started following you).

Oh, and I'll plug your contest on my own blog (http://justonemorepageblog.blogspot.com).

Tina said...

I've been drooling for this one. please enter me.

I have posted the giveaway on my blog

I'm also a follower

tbranco (at) hughes (dot)net

Booklogged said...

I am now a follower.

I've read 4 books by Gregory. Loved them all.

booklogged AT gmail DOT com

Sara said...

I've read five, all having to do with the Tudor's in one way or another.

skkmiller (at) live (dot) com

Sara said...

I just became a follower. Thanks.
skkmiller (at) live (dot) com

Lady Caroline said...

Hi Julianne! I´m writing to you from Spain, I have a blog about Renaissance Monarchy, I´m a big fan of The Tudor and The Valois. Your blog is fantantic, I love your articles about François I `s Court.

Answer your question, I read 4 of Philippa Gregory´s books:

- The Constant Princess (In Spanish)
- The Other Boleyn Girl ( In Spanish)
- The Queen´s Fool (In English)
- The Boleyn Inheritance (In English, and until now this is my favorite)

I can´t wait to read The White Queen!

Best Regards

zquilts said...

I too have read:
"The Other Bolyen Girl"
"Queen's Fool"
"Bolyen Inheritance"
"The Constant Princess"
I have subscribed to your blog and am happy that I have discovered it as my interest in pre-revolutionary France has recently piqued!