Friday, March 12, 2010

Sixteenth Century Quote of the Week

"Tu es miserable si par ta seule paincture tu attire a toy mary ou autre, quant le fard sera passe, comme luy pourras tu complaire?"

"You are unfortunate if solely by your make-up you attract yourself a husband or anyone else, for when the paint wears off, how can you please him?"

Juan Luis Vives, Spanish humanist and philosopher (1492-1540)
Livre tres bon plaisant et salutaire de L'institution de la femme chrestienne, tant en son enfance, que mariage & viduite
[A very pleasing and salutary book on the education of the Christian woman, in her childhood as well and marriage and widowhood].
Translated into French by Pierre de Changy, 1543.

[Translation mine.]

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