Thursday, March 10, 2011

Elizabethan Compendium

Although it focuses on England rather than France, here is an entertaining website chock-full of information on life during Elizabeth I's reign--a great way to pass some time when you're stuck writing a scene. [wry grin] Thanks to Susan Higginbotham for reminding me of it!


Maggie Secara said...

Well what a lovely surprise to wake up to on a Sunday morning! Thanks so much for the mention, Julianne. You won't mind, I hope, if I add the URL of the portal site--Renaissance: The Elizabethan World is at and there's even more cool 16th century English stuff available there, including an edited transcript of the trial of Mary Queen of Scots.

Oh, and, the paperback version of the Compendium, too. :-)

Thanks again. Lovely blog!

Julianne Douglas said...

You're welcome, Maggie! Thanks for providing great information in such an entertaining format. I really appreciate the sense of humor that permeates the entries.