Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pasta and Pearly Whites

Check out the blog of translator and editor Lucinda Barrett, A World of Words, for very interesting posts about Renaissance art and life. "Making up the Renaissance! How beauty was perceived and achieved in the Renaissance" summarizes a workshop held this past March in Edinburgh on the topic of Renaissance cosmetics. Be sure to follow the link to Jill Burke's website Making Up the Renaissance for information on Renaissance cosmetics and photos of an actual "Renaissance Makeover"! "On the subject of pasta...and Sir Hugh Plat (1552-1611)" describes the development of extruding machines and one man's advocacy of pasta as a way to solve provisioning problems for the Royal Navy. Thanks to Lucinda for some great reading!


Lucinda said...

Thanks, Julianne, for the link! I loved the workshop. It was a perfect balance between academic papers and a highly practical "hands-on" workshop where we had a chance to learn about the ingredients used in cosmetics and how they were made!

Julianne Douglas said...

It looked like so much fun, as well as informative. Wish I could have been there!