Monday, February 13, 2012

Images of Early Modern Life

It's About Time is a wonderful art history blog that clusters images and essays around social, cultural, and academic themes. The author often features posts on sixteenth century themes (Women--Reading and publishing books, Fashion--Furs for warmth, Families, Marketing and cooking, among others) as well as about specific women (Catherine de Medici, Elenora di Toledo). A recent post explored the Renaissance fashion of sporting zibellini, animal pelts with jeweled heads! The site is marvelous for the quality and quantity of the works reproduced. Start to browse and you'll quickly lose track of time.


susan vieth said...

Thank yo for a lovely way to pass these funny cold, slippery days of February.

Julianne Douglas said...

You're welcome! But be sure to thank Barbara, the author of It's About Time. She's the one who did all the work. :)