Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lucky Seven

I've been tagged by Janet B. Taylor and Candie Leigh for the "Lucky Seven" meme. 
Here are lines 7-15 from page 77 of my current manuscript:

Not knowing where to look first, Catherine wandered a bit, pausing to examine the sculpted marble faun on its half-pedestal, the majolica platters and enameled cups on the buffet. When she finally reached the canvas fixed to the wall between the two windows, she fingered the velvet drape as though reluctant to cut short the pleasure of anticipation. The gasp that escaped her as the drape fell away told Anne all she needed to know.
Leda and the Swan. Michel-Ange. It’s true.” Catherine reached up to trace the curve of Leda’s back, pressed against the scarlet cushions by the weight of the swan in her lap. The girl's cheeks flamed at the undisguised portrayal of the pair’s copulation, but she did not look away.

Anyone else want to play? Leave a comment with a link. Let's see some lines from from your fabulous WIPs!

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