Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Lovers of historical mystery can find Karen Harper's MISTRESS OF MOURNING (New American Library) in bookstores today. From the press release:

"Varina Wescott, a young widow and candle maker, agrees to perform a clandestine service for Queen Elizabeth of York, wife of Henry VII in London in 1501. Elizabeth wants Varina and royal aid Nicolas Sutton to travel to the Welsh wilderness to investigate the death of the queen's eldest child, Prince Arthur. Soon the duo discovers one unsettling clue after another and they fear the conspiracy they're confronting is more treacherous than the queen imagined."

A heroine who carves wax figures of the dead and investigates the murders of three young princes...how could you resist?

Be sure to return on Thursday when Ms. Harper will discuss her novel and the research behind it.

Learn more about Karen Harper and her novels, both historical and contemporary, at her website.


Anonymous said...

Pourquoi ne pas blogguer en Français de temps à autre ?

Julianne Douglas said...

Je pourrais le faire, mais j'ai peur de perdre trop de lecteurs a cause des fautes de grammaire! En fait, la plupart de mes lecteurs sont americains, alors je n'ai jamais pense a ecrire en francais. J'y reflechirai.