Sunday, January 11, 2009

Answers to Châteaux Quiz

I'm posting the answers to the Châteaux quiz as a comment to this post, so as not to spoil the quiz for those who haven't taken it yet.

[Pause while you check your answers. Good luck!]

How did you do?

Have you ever visited any châteaux in France? There are hundreds to choose from. I myself have visited Chenonceau and the Louvre off this list. I've also been to Chantilly, Fontainebleau, St.-Germain, Blois, Ecouen, Chambord, and Versailles. Someday I'd love to spend the night in one of the many châteaux that have become hotels. For now, I dream and look at photos of châteaux on the internet--and write novels set in them!


Julianne Douglas said...

Answers to quiz:

1. B - Chenonceau
2. A - Amboise
3. C - Madrid
4. B - Châteaudun
5. A - The Louvre
6. A - Chaumont
7. C - Caen
8. B - Angers
9. A - Lusignan
10. A - Vaux-le-Vicomte

Sarah said...

I got half of them right! Mainly the ones dealing with châteaux I've been to, namely Chenonceau, the Louvre, Caen, and Angers (also visited Versailles twice). I've never been to Lusignan, but I've read a novel about the legend of Melusine (Manuel Mujica Lainez's The Wandering Unicorn), so I got that answer too :)

Your blog is giving me the serious urge to get on a plane...

Bearded Lady said...

ah darn! I only got 6 right. I guess i better brush up on my Chateaux knowledge. But I do love quizes. Thanks for the great post.

Julianne Douglas said...

Sarah--How was Lainez's novel? I've never heard of it, but it sounds interesting. And I'm with you--I'd be on a plane tomorrow if I could. Maybe we should have the next HNS Conference in the Loire Valley...

BL--6 correct is great! I'm glad you like quizzes. It's fun to make them, and I learn a lot myself in the process.

Sarah said...

I'm due for a reread on the Lainez because I don't recall much, other than that it was atmospheric and somewhat confusing. It's a literary historical fantasy, and undoubtedly too literary for me at age fifteen! I suspect I'd enjoy it a lot more now.