Sunday, December 6, 2009

Treasure Trove of Photos

I was contacted last week by a reader of the blog who shares my interest in "Francis and his posse." Stephen Bove, a screenwriter and accomplished photographer, has visited many of François's favorite châteaux and photographed the sites in marvelous detail. He has posted the photos in the following threads on Flickr:

Clos Lucé (the house near Amboise where Leonardo da Vinci died)
Eglise de St. Denis (tombs of François and other French kings)

I can't thank Mr. Bove enough for sharing these breathtaking glimpses of the beauty François created for himself and his court.

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JAD said...

Wow! Those are lovely photos. Thank you for sharing, Julianne (and thanks to Mr. Bove too).

~Julianne (JAD)