Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stomping for Votes

I need help, especially from those of you who like shoes.

My daughter has entered the Vince Camuto Shoe design contest and has asked me to spread the word:

I entered Vince Camuto's shoe design contest! The winner gets to go to NY, meet him, and GET THEIR SHOES MADE! I really want this
and I appreciate any help I can get! Please help me out and vote for my shoes!
I ONLY HAVE 14 VOTES! Others have over 200! :(

When I last checked, she was up to 28 votes (page 12); it seems the entry moves closer to the contest's home page the more votes it receives (ie. the entries are continually reordered when votes come in). You might have to search a bit to find the picture. Her name is Madeleine Wright and she's a college student hoping to break into the fashion world. If you like her design, please click on the "Vote" box beneath her entry (it will prompt you for an email address, but you can choose not to receive any advertisements from the company). Voting open until May 15, 2010.

Here's the link:


1 comment:

Project Mayhem said...

I would totally wear these with jeans!! I'm going to vote now!

xoxo -- Hilary